Contact us  to sign up for an assessment time. Schedule is on a first come- first serve basis.





Required documents:

1.  Roster: Must completed in track wrestling.

2. Parent Permission Form:  SIGNED copy for each athlete being assessed. 

**We cannot test without this form**

3.  Individual Profile Form: Each athlete with their Name, Gender, Grade, and School completed.

4.  Payment:

Payment in Full at time of assessments.

A copy of Signed & Approved Purchase Order


Team Fee: $50 per Team

Individual Fee:  $5 per Athlete

Mileage Fee: $25 for individual teams


We do everything to ensure that the prices on our website are correct, and we try to keep our prices consistent. 

However prices may be changed at any time without further notice. 






First Day-NOVEMBER 13, 2023 / Last Day-JANUARY 15, 2024


The establishment of a minimum wrestling weight based on 7% body fat for males and 12% for females is required for all senior high school wrestlers. The OHSAA does not advocate that a wrestler’s established minimum weight is the athlete’s best weight, but simply the minimum weight at which the athlete will be allowed to compete.




1. Minimum weight will be established through a process where each student will have his/her hydration tested, be weighed and have a certified assessor determine his/her percentage of body fat through the use of skin fold calipers.


2. Only measurements taken by OHSAA certified assessors who have successfully completed the OHSAA Assessor Certification Course will be accepted. Wrestling coaches and administrators can access the OHSAA website ( for a current list of approved assessors. It is the responsibility of the school wrestling administrator to contact certified assessors. No senior high school wrestler may compete until the athlete has had a minimum weight determined and it appears on the school’s Alpha Master Roster.


3. Measurements may not be taken after practice or a workout.


4. During the assessment/measurement, male wrestlers must wear shorts and female wrestlers must wear shorts and a sports bra. No allowance for clothing weight is permitted.


5. The lowest weight class at which a wrestler may compete will be determined as follows: a. If the predicted weight, at 7% body fat, is exactly that of one of the weight classes, that weight shall be the wrestler’s minimum weight class.


b. If the predicted weight falls between two weight classes the wrestler must wrestle at the higher weight class.


c. There will be a one percent variation of error adjustment, which will be determined by the "Performance Calculator."


d. When weighing in, using a certified scale, one will round up the reading to the nearest tenth.


6. A minimum of two schools/teams must be present for the assessment. A team is defined as at least eight wrestlers.


7. Persons eligible to be trained as OHSAA approved assessors include licensed physicians, registered nurses,


8 licensed practical nurses, licensed athletic trainers, licensed physical therapists, licensed physician assistants, registered nutritionists, and exercise physiologists. It is a conflict of interest for an active wrestling coach to serve as an OHSAA certified assessor. Coaches are permitted to perform clerical and organizational duties during skin fold assessments.